Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Where's the Kleenex?

Miss me?

I have been down with “Bubonic Cold/Flu” which has made my mood as such that I just didn’t care what the hell was going on, which is the reason you ladies have had to endure a week without my insight and sick humor. I’m still not 100% (not that I have ever been 100%) but I ‘m well enough to play catch up.


If you have not seen this or listened to it on the Internet as yet you need to go do it. America: Fuck Yeah!

112,000 New Payroll Jobs In November, Unemployment Rate Falls To 5.4%

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported today that in the month of November 112,000 new payroll jobs were created and the unemployment rate fell to 5.4 percent.

Based on the payroll survey and benchmark revision, "2.4 million new jobs have been created since August 2003, and over 2 million new jobs have been created thus far in 2004."

So—is there any reason to ever believe anything that Paul Krugman says?

We are getting closer to the time when CBS is going to come clean about Memo-Gate. Dan has insulated himself from the axe by retiring but do any of us think that this will inoculate him from criticism about trying to influence the election or unseat the president with a hit piece? Actually, my favorite Rather biased moment is Dan Rather’s reaction when Ed Bradley tells him Ohio can’t be won by Kerry even with 80% of the provisional votes. Dan pauses, then looks confused, then says, “So, what are you telling me?”

Big news last week—there is a Splenda shortage.

Good God!

Want to see what those creeps who work for TSA at the airport and now seeing with the new screening equipment?

Go here---Link to new airport security machine.

There is now a big deal and a law suit about the military’s “Stop-Loss” policy. This is where the military can keep a guy in uniform beyond his contract date because they deem his billet or service needed for unit effectiveness. Well folks, you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that this is something new and unique to Bush and the current world situation---it’s not! In my day they used to call this an “Involuntary Extension” of your active duty and it happened all the time.

From Red-State:

Mary Frances Berry, scourge of people trying to actually heal race wounds in this country, has admitted defeat.

Her term ended Sunday, but she refused to go. In a letter to the President today, Ms. Berry decided to "resign," despite not actually having a job from which to resign. She's taking Democratic Vice Chairman Cruz Reynoso with her.

Good riddance.

Thanks to our pack of Congresscritters we now have an “Intelligence Czar” Think he/she/it will be any more effective than our Drug Czar or our Education Czar?