Monday, December 13, 2004


I’m sitting here in my office at the house catching up on email and tuning in to Fox News with Brit Hume. What’s on are three jurors from the Scott Peterson trail telling the media idiots how hard they (the jurors) had it during the trail and how much of a toll it took from them. They want everyone to know what a terrible ordeal this has been for them.

HELLO????????---they just sent the guy to the death chamber and they want us to worry about their mental/physical strain?

These three twits just sent a guy to the death chamber with no physical evidence. How do you square this up with O.J. Simpson where there were DNA-Blood-two bodies-and a load of physical evidence? For Peterson they had a concrete anchor and a boat with no physical evidence tying him to anything but they did have his private punching board represented by Gloria who added nothing to the evidence other than the fact that his thought process traveled mainly though his dick.

So—OJ is playing golf and Scootso is about to take the big dirt nap. This poor schmuck is about to be the victim of political correctness to the max.

It boggles the mind!