Tuesday, February 26, 2013


On the heels of Barack Obama's golf trip to Florida with Tiger Woods at the same time Michelle and the girls went to Aspen, home to the world's rich and famous, once again made me understand the difference between Obama-style and Romney-style (aka member communist politburo vs. capitalist).

Obama: Ostentatious lifestyle funded by the people!
Romney: Worked hard, took risks and created the lifestyle of a successful capitalist funded by his own earned wealth!

Final Thoughts!

Barack Obama's incessant rhetoric concerning the plight of the middle class belies the actual actions of this President who is living the lifestyle of the rich and famous on our dime!

If he had any actual feeling or empathy for the plight of the everyman perhaps he would stay home and play board games with the family around the White House fireplace!

At the same time Barack Obama's constant fear mongering about the effects of sequestration highlights the fact that what this President cares about is not the middle class but rather using the country and its people as pawns in some destructive political game!

Because the reality is that $82 billion in automatic spending cuts are merely a drop in the federal budget bucket and the places that any cuts would actually be made are at the discretion of the President who will seek to make them as painful as possible so that the American people will point their fingers of blame at the Republican Party.

Think for a second about the fact that the Hurricane Sandy relief legislation alone was packed with over $40 billion of pork! Why not just start the spending cuts there?