Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's All Bush's fault

As you know --- every problem that Obama has faced – and failed to address successfully – is really Bush’s fault. It is rumored (not really) that Obama has a version of the Presidential Seal on his desk with a new slogan: “It’s Bush’s Fault.” You’re probably aware of the Solyndra scandal. Here’s my best attempt to simplify the scandal into bullet points: Obama decides that he is the one who will decide where the new jobs will be, and he wants green jobs. Green jobs make liberals happy. Since Obama thinks that green jobs are cool, he decides to throw taxpayer money to private businesses who promise him green jobs. Solyndra needs money. So Solyndra gets in line for some ObamaMoney. Obama thinks that Solyndra is the perfect backdrop for his green jobs program, so he designates Joe Biden to go make a speech at the groundbreaking for a new Solyndra facility. But wait! Solyndra has applied for a $500 million plus loan guarantee, and the application hasn’t been approved yet! Obama’s own Office of Management and Budget tells him that the loan isn’t a very good idea. Obama remembers, though, that Solyndra principal George Kaiser is huge contributor to his campaign. Emails fly at the White House. Some suggesting that the loan guarantee isn’t a good idea, some saying we need to move ahead on this project. Somewhere along the line the loan agreement is modified to protect Solyndra investors while putting the American taxpayers on the hook. Obama administration officials actually sat in on some Solyndra board meetings while all of this, and Solyndra finances, were being discussed. (Imagine of Bush administration officials had sat in on Enron board meetings.) The loan guarantee goes through. The administration gets their day in the sun with Joe Biden speaking at Solyndra headquarters. About a year later Solyndra is in the tank. The taxpayers take it on the chin for over $500 milllion. The Democrats blame Bush, saying that the loan application happened during the Bush administration, not Obama’s. The Republicans are rude enough to point out that the Bush administration rejected the Solyndra loan application. It only gained new life when Obama took office and started spouting off about green jobs. The FBI raids Solyndra headquarters. Democrats and the Obama folks go into pure defense mode. Where does this go from here? That is going to depend on whether or not the ObamaMedia is compelled to really cover the story.