Wednesday, June 01, 2011

They bought his act and now they have to defend him

It’s no wonder that the ObamaMedia isn’t all that enthused in covering the 2012 presidential election … because it means that somebody is challenging Their Guy … Their almost-a-God … Their Messiah … Barack Obama – the man who had to “step down” to the Oval Office (Now the Offal Office).

The ObamaMedia is my name for the mainstream Washington and New York press corps. Right now, with very rare exception, those in the mainstream media are suffering from a severe case of Obama-awe, or “ObamaAwe.” This awe-inspiring leader of ours has turned the mainstream media into a roaming hoard of zombies who have no desire to report the news in an objective manner. Their job gets in the way of wiping up the drool from their ObamaZombie state of existence. Sufferers of ObamaAwe experience a myriad of symptoms including tingles up their legs, delusional cases of mistaken identity – mistaking Obama for God – or even a lost sense of reality.

For example, the ObamaZombies can’t seem to understand why spending close to $1 trillion of money that we don’t have isn’t working out so well for our economy. Most students who just graduated from a government high school could tell you why our current economic state isn’t all that “shocking” … though the ObamaMedia seems to think it is.

This ObamaAwe is starting to affect their work, as reporters are being forced to cover potential Republican challengers to Obama’s throne. As Politico points out, by this time in 2007, major newspapers and newswires already had assigned reporters to leading candidates in the race for the 2008 presidential bid. Such is not the case with the current crop of Republican candidates. Why would the ObamaMedia want to “go behind enemy lines” and cover the camp that could potentially unseat their Dear Ruler? Would Obama think less of any ObamaMedia member who dared to write a fair news report on a Republican, much less a glowing report? And let’s not forget what happened to the Boston Herald. Its reporters were shut out completely from a local Obama Boston fundraiser after the paper ran a Mitt Romney op-ed on the front page and didn’t give the president’s visit the same “fair” treatment.

What it really comes down to is that the next presidential race is going to force the ObamaMedia to defend “their guy.” They are finally going to have to come to grips with the complete and utter failure of his presidency. When asked to present facts, they will be left with drool stains and quip about racist Americans who don’t support Obama because he is black.

Barack Obama won one election based on nothing but his charisma. Even with four failing years as President of the United States to add to his credentials column, looks like he will have yet another campaign with nothing but his charisma to hang his hat on.