Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Princess Pelosi came close to winning the award for rectal-cranial inversion moment of the day with this comment ..

"Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility as a top priority of this Congress."

It doesn't take a government educated union goon to figure out that she is full of moosesqueeze. Under Nancy Pelosi's 111th Congress, federal spending increased by 21%. That's just in two years! In 2010, Congress spent $3.45 trillion, which was the second largest spending spree on record ... second only to the spending spree of the 111th Congress in 2009. Are you calling this fiscal responsibility? But wait, there's more!

When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007, the debt held by the public was 36.2% of GDP. It rose to 40.2% the next year. This year it will be about 63.6%, next year 68.6%, then 77% of GDP in 2020. And the Obama administration's budget estimates 218% in 2050.
The deficit in 2007 was $160 billion. In the next year the Pelosi-Reid Congress took it up to $458 billion, and when President Obama came into office in 2009 it hit $1.4 trillion. The current 2010 projected deficit is $1.6 trillion, which will lead to a tripling of our national debt from 2008 to 2020.
Also consider the fact that a Democrat-led Washington has been operating this last year without a budget! As Republican Rep. Mike Simpson says, this is a bunch of horsesqueeze .. or as he calls it, a "pile of crap": "They left the American people in this country with this pile of crap. They should not complain about how we tried to clean this up."