Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obama is not a Muslim

Let's make it clear. I don't think he's a Muslim. I'm not buying into that Christian thing either. I know that the Bible says not to judge lest we be judged .. and I think that applies to a man's religion more than other areas of one's life .. but since Obama wants to judge when I've made enough money, I'll feel free to pass my own judgments on his professed religious feelings.

Christian? Sorry ... don't buy it. Obama joined Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago for one reason ... political advantage. He surveyed the landscape and figured out that membership in this particular church would bring him the biggest political advantage as he launched his career. Simple as that.

But what about this Muslim thing? The media likes to portray those who think Obama is a Muslim as stupid, foolish or just plain demented. Really? These people who believe Obama is a Muslim have absolutely no foundation to their beliefs at all? Consider:

* Obama was born to a Muslim father. Some interpretations of Islamic law indicate that if you're born to a Muslim father .. you're a Muslim, at least at birth.

* Obama most definitely did go to a Muslim school while living in a Muslim nation.

* Obama most definitely did say that one of the most beautiful sounds in the world is the Muslim call to prayer at Sunrise.

* Obama most certainly has engaged in an extraordinary amount of pandering to Muslims since he was elected.

* Obama told his NASA Administrator that his "foremost" at NASA would be to improve relations with the Muslim world to make them feel good about their historic contributions to science.

None of these things make Obama a Muslim today. Again .. I don't think he is a Muslim any more than I think he's a Christian. But people who do have their doubts and express them as they have a right to do shouldn't be denigrated by the media elite for their stupidity. There is that looks like a duck, quacks like a duck thing.

Now this isn't to say that Obama doesn't have a god that he worships. He most certainly does. That god is Government and his scripture is the Federal Register, his cathedral the Capitol Building and his communion a bill signing ceremony.