Monday, March 22, 2010


I am worried.

I am worried that Obamacare is such an assault on the fundamental notion of American-ness, and was passed in such a repulsive manner, that the people will have no recourse except violence.

If I were a Democrat elected official, I would avoid all public forums from now until the November elections. If you thought last summer’s townhalls were brutal, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Obamacare turns every American into a slave the moment he is born. Every American will be forced to purchase health insurance that meets government standards. If he does not buy it, the IRS will chase him down. If he still refuses to comply, he will go to jail.

Can the government tell you to jog 30 minutes every day? If not, then how can it ask you to spend 10% of your hard-earned money on a specific product, under threat of imprisonment?

And look at how it passed! Naked appeals were made that it must be passed to save Obama’s presidency and/or the Democrat party. All in the open, elected members of Congress used naked political calculus to decide if they would be “allowed” to vote against the bill.

This is the sort of disdain for the people that leads to revolutions.

Some notion of justice will be restored when Republicans take back Congress in November. But I worry about what will happen between now and then.