Thursday, June 11, 2009

$12 million a head.

So President Obama finally figured out what to do with those detainees at Gitmo, and it only cost 12 million dollars per captive. That's right: we're sending those 17 Chinese muslim terror suspects currently at Gitmo to a place called Palau, in exchange for 200 million bucks in aid.

FYI: Palau is a little island somewhere near the Philippines, with a population of about 20 thousand people. It was also the site for Survivor, twice – so it`s obviously familiar with housing no-good, belligerent ass-hats.

So let me get this straight: Obama`s solution for fulfilling his promise to dismantle a prison camp in a foreign land... is to replace it with another prison camp in a foreign land.

Truly, this is change we can believe in.

And this is what happens when you make a campaign promise, without any actual plan behind it. You`re left with whatever you had before, except of course, it now costs us 200 million dollars. It really makes you wonder what the Messiah has planned for health care reform. Well, we already know. It will be no better - most likely worse - and it will costs more money they we can possibly imagine, or even afford.

And that`s what really pisses me off. If I had known what Obama was willing to pay to house these folks, I would have immediately volunteered my basement, which could easily take at least a dozen of these detainees. True, it would be a little tight, but that`s why I have all those double bunk beds. They can sleep four up and four across, with each person`s belly serving as another inmate`s pillow.

It's kind of like a bed and breakfast, if by "breakfast" you mean "ball gag."