Monday, April 13, 2009


I was glued to the Masters on TV when the text message came through: The Navy Seals have saved the day.

You know the story by now. Three Seal snipers on the USS Bainbridge coordinated their efforts and delivered three simultaneous head shots to the three Muslim pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips. I'm really looking forward to getting the details on this. The seas were getting rough and both the lifeboat and the Navy vessel were rolling on the seas when the shots were taken.

Up until yesterday The United States had been showing weakness: Weakness with Korea, and weakness in dealing with these Muslim pirates. Well, Obama came through. He told his military commanders to bring this episode to an end if they saw the means to do so. Obama said yes to a Pentagon request for standing authority to use appropriate force to save the life of the captain. We have to recognize that a failure of this mission would have been used against Obama ... so his decision showed courage. I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

Now we're getting reports that the Muslim pirates are really PO'd that actual force was used against them. They're vowing revenge against the United States and France? Why France? Because the French military killed a few Muslim pirates while rescuing hostages from a yacht the pirates had seized. One hostage was killed in that attack.

One regret. The head shots that killed the three pirates were simultaneous. This means that none of the Muslim goons got to see their buddy's heads explode. Oh well ... can't have everything, I guess.

Now its time for the shipping lines to do a bit more to defend and protect themselves so that the U.S. Military won't have to do the job for them. Hire Blackwater .. get mercenaries .. do something! But put some really mean and serious guards on these ships so that they can feed the sharks some more good, tasty Somali garbage.