Saturday, March 07, 2009

It`s Saturday, and it`s time for the Saturday's list!

Because, it's Saturday and I feel like crap but not nearly as crappy as what the "Chosen One" and his American Idol presidency has done so far to prove without a doubt that how he ran for president was a lie!

So far: what we`ve learned in the first six weeks of Obama`s presidency!

-When Wall Street suffers, so does main street. The distinction between the two made by Obama is a ruse – class warfare rhetoric that worked to win an election, and lose an economy. But what a historic election!

-"Historic" doesn't mean it can`t be disastrous. For example, see the sky. It`s falling.

-If you`re a corporation - throwing parties is totally evil in these hard times. But if you`re the President – then it`s perfectly fine to bask in your messiah-like popularity every Wednesday night. Seriously, he really is as gorgeous in person as he is on the stamps we haven`t made yet, but certainly will.

-In Canada you can behead a man, and get away with it - which makes me wish that all those folks who said they were moving there during the Bush administration, actually did.

-Jon Stewart understands it`s easier to pick on some dude from CNBC, than to question harmful policies put forth by a charming President. Great job Jon – speaking truth to power.

-Unlike the world press – countries like Russia, Iran and Venezuela haven`t let Obama`s abs go to their heads. Yeah, he`s cute and everything, but check out our missiles

- Obama is no longer worth the trouble. The only way now to stop the madness is for Americans to go after Congress. Seeing how the Obama Administration is actually pretty unconcerned that the most successful system for human survival and happiness in the history of mankind is being dismantled in favor of politics and policies that have failed all over the world, it makes it hard for me to say something hopeful about Obama`s presidency.

I guess it`s above my pay grade.

Has anyone seen or heard from Paul Volker?