Thursday, September 20, 2007

Student tasered in the mode of Jingess Khan

He rambled on and on without any semblance of logic or reason, drifting aimlessly from one subject to another, his words suggesting a deep-seated Christ complex if not a hint of outright dementia. Then Senator Kerry opened the floor to questions.

The very first student to take the microphone immediately pulled down his pants and whistled out of his sphincter until he was tackled to the ground by Bush's brownshirts.

"Please, let him finish," Kerry begged the jackbooted thugs, perhaps seeing a bit of himself in this brash young progressive. Indeed, the student's oratory, albeit a little rough around the edges, was just as impassioned as his historic Winter Soldier testimony 30 some years ago - and almost identical in content. If Kerry could only take the lad under his wing as Ted Kennedy once did for him, he could very well be a mentor to the next in a long line of flatulent senators from Massachusetts. But there was no convincing the pigs. No doubt on orders from Bush himself, they tasered the helpless lad and dragged him away, in all likelihood to some secret CIA torture chamber in Lithuania where he will be given lap dances in a fashion reminiscent of Jingus Khan.

Anyhoo, John Kerry is in the news again and that means it's time to throw a couple more turds into the Fair Trade Gift Shop.

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