Friday, November 18, 2005



Democrat Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania took to the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday to call for an immediate pullout of American troops from Iraq. I'm told that Muslims don't drink. Perhaps so, but I'm betting that they were more than willing to throw down a cool one when this Democrat stood up in the U.S. Capitol to plead their case. Murtha was actually calling for the very thing that these Islamic radicals have been trying to accomplish with their campaign of terror against Iraqi citizens and coalition troops.

Somewhere in Iraq yesterday the word of Murtha's cut-and-run strategy reached the home of an Iraqi who had, up to now anyway, been supporting the new freely-elected government of Iraq. As soon as he heard this American lawmaker talk about an immediate pullout this Iraqi started rethinking his options. Perhaps, he thought, it might be better to show some support and allegiance to the insurgency. After all, if the Americans suddenly leave the insurgency will have control of the Iraqi government in no time at all. It would be better to be alive under the insurgency than to die for supporting the new Iraqi government.

Elsewhere in Iraq an American serviceman from Pennsylvania couldn't believe what he had heard. He has seen first-hand the successes of the American armed forces in Iraq. He has personally felt the warmth of the Iraqi people who have shown their appreciation for the efforts of the Americans and their coalition partners. He has seen Iraqis with running water who have never had running water before, Iraqi children going to schools that didn't exist under Saddam. He knows what has been accomplished, and now he hears about this Democrat calling for him and his fellow soldiers to leave --- not when the job is finished, but right now.

And .... somewhere in Iraq, and in Syria, and in Iran, and in Jordan, and in Saudi Arabia, Murtha's words reached the ears of the Islamic terrorists themselves. Last week Democrats were calling for a timetable. This week they have Democrats calling for an immediate withdrawal. They view this as nothing short than an immense victory. They know what they must now do. They must step up the campaign. Strap bombs on more suicide bombers, plant more roadside devices. They have their hated non-believer enemy on the run. Today there's one member of congress calling for an immediate surrender. Kill a few more Americans and tomorrow maybe there will be two. Murder a Mosque full of Iraqis and more will turn against their new government. Kill a few school teachers and school children and more Iraqi children will shun the schools newly built by Americans. The infidels are collapsing. They're growing weak. Their resolve is dissolving. Keep up the pressure --- step up the pressure --- and soon Iraq will be theirs! Not only will Iraq be theirs, but the Arab people will once again have a stark reminder that the Americans cannot be trusted to keep their word, to carry out their goals. Once again the Americans will have left tens of thousands of Iraqis to die at the hands of the Islamic terrorists.

Why didn't Murtha take this one step further? Why didn't he ask for us to restore Saddam's presidential palaces and put him back in power before we run?

Tell me. Is Murtha a French name?