Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hurricane Blogging


As I write this, about the only thing that is going good is that the power is still on. Hurricane Dennis missed us here in the Tampa Bay area but we are now getting pounded by the outer bands. The tide is about three feet above normal. We are getting sustained winds of 40 knots plus with gusts that have to be in excess of 60 knots. This has been going on all night and it is now almost 8 in the morning and it seems that it will continue this way until much later this morning. One can only imagine what the folks in the Panhandle are in for when the main portion of the storm makes landfall.

The roof of my boat house is no more. Most of it is resting on the boat itself, with the rest pretty evenly distributed among my neighbors docks and yards.. This is going to be a major issue when the winds stop as to how to get those portions of the roof off the boat and what remains of the dock. About 65 feet of my seawall has busted out and a good portion of the land against the wall is now slipping into the bay. The seawall is about three feet thick (concrete) and one can only imagine what the hydrostatic pressure must have been to bust out that big a section of the wall. I have a new and exciting leak in the front of the house that seems to be from water getting into the siding of the house and not from the roof. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like to try and find where this water is coming from. But coming it is, by the bucketful. Some of these outer bands are just wind but others are wind and rain with rainfall rates in the 3 to 4 inches per hour rate. Would you believe that these bands are moving at around 50 mph?

And the Hurricane missed us??????

Oops—sorry just had to stop for a moment as a giant piece of stucco that covers the ceiling in the hallway just landed on the floor. And the bad news continues as there are now three different locations where water is dripping off the ceiling. It is now raining like a mutha!

I gotta tell you that this is worst than any of the four storms we ducked last year. Much worse.

Want some more good news? Because this is Sunday I have to get Debbie in to the Oncology Center between 8:30 and 9:30 for her Nuprogen shot.

I’ll be soliciting donations later.