Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Satire Alert (For those who still can't figure it out)

Democrats: We're Spiteful and Proud of it

Nancy Pelosi: the kidney stone of American politics.

A story in says Democrats are glowing with pride for blocking President Bush's legislative agenda:

Senior Democrats are increasingly confident that they have blocked Republicans plans for historic breakthroughs in legislation under GOP control of the White House and Congress, declaring that the Democratic strategy of unified opposition to major items on the leadership agenda has succeeded in turning Republicans against themselves.

Democratic leaders say the focus on opposition, rather than on their own legislative proposals, has allowed them to hold up President Bush's plans to remake Social Security.

In 1998, President Clinton proposed virtually the same reform program as Bush. So Democrats would rather spite the nation to deny Bush a historic breakthrough?

Children, can you say partisan? A gem:

''I'm very proud of our Democrats, because they know why they are Democrats," said House minority leader Nancy Pelosi of California. ''We have from the start come together as Democrats, focused on our core values which unite us as a party, and then proceeded from there. That consensus is what has kept us -- if you want to use the word 'disciplined,' but a better word in my view is 'united.' "

Put that on a bumpersticker: Democrats-- We're United for Nothing. That fits in nicely with Clinton's "Seinfeld Presidency" -- it, too, was about nothing.