Monday, January 10, 2005

It's all here in my shorts

Did you ever notice, when you put "The" and "IRS" together it spells "Theirs"?

A new survey of Democratic voters indicates that in a hypothetical match-up between Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and former presidential nominee John Kerry, most Democrats would choose suicide over either candidate.

Gingrich told the Associated Press, "anything seems possible."

Newt Gingrich is taking steps toward a potential presidential bid in 2008 with a book criticizing President Bush's policies on Iraq and a tour of early campaign states.

The former House speaker who led Republicans to power a decade ago said he soon will visit Iowa and New Hampshire to promote his book, try to influence public policy and keep his political options alive.

Or it could just be a gossip meant to help him sell his book.

Barbara Boxer is the dumbest U.S. Senator in our history. ONLY California could produce a twit the magnitude of Boxer in the Senate and Maxine Waters in the House.

Hanoi Jonny strikes again.

When is this turkeys staff going to mention to him that he is a loser?

Visiting with U.S. troops in Baghdad on Thursday, failed presidential candidate John Kerry trashed Commander-in-chief George Bush for making "horrendous judgments" and "unbelievable blunders" that have undermined the war effort.

Unblievable blunders? What election were you watching john boy?

In a series of demoralizing comments first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the defeated Democrat griped, "What is sad about what's happening here now is that so much of it is a process of catching up from the enormous miscalculations and wrong judgments made in the beginning."

Hey it's a dangerous place, we all know that. One stray bullet, no recriminations.

Isn't this treason to deliberatly demoralise troops? How big an asshole is this guy? Is he going to encourage them to desert next?

Ah screw it, when is Michael Moore going to address the troops, I want to see that one.

Does anyone need any more proof that the Main Stream Media and journalists in general are left wing weenies and anti everything conservative? Saying that the media is left wing is a fact! Media bias is a FACT!

The word democracy appears nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution -- two most fundamental documents of our nation. Instead of a democracy, the Constitution's Article IV, Section 4, guarantees "to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government." Moreover, let's ask ourselves: Does our pledge of allegiance to the flag say to "the democracy for which it stands," or does it say to "the republic for which it stands"? Or do we sing "The Battle Hymn of the Democracy" or "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"?

So what's the difference between republican and democratic forms of government? John Adams captured the essence of the difference when he said, "You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe." Nothing in our Constitution suggests that government is a grantor of rights. Instead, government is a protector of rights.

In recognition that it's Congress that poses the greatest threat to our liberties, the framers used negative phrases against Congress throughout the Constitution such as: shall not abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, and shall not be violated, nor be denied. In a republican form of government, there is rule of law. All citizens, including government officials, are accountable to the same laws. Government power is limited and decentralized through a system of checks and balances. Government intervenes in civil society to protect its citizens against force and fraud but does not intervene in the cases of peaceable, voluntary exchange.

Contrast the framers' vision of a republic with that of a democracy. In a democracy, the majority rules either directly or through its elected representatives. As in a monarchy, the law is whatever the government determines it to be. Laws do not represent reason. They represent power. The restraint is upon the individual instead of government. Unlike that envisioned under a republican form of government, rights are seen as privileges and permissions that are granted by government and can be rescinded by government.

And now for something entirely different:

It's my view that anyone who wants "Intelligent Design" taught in schools as a science is not intelligent, nor should they have children.