Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Screw the UN

Uh oh .. here comes the United Nations, a worthless excuse for an international organization whose primary goal is to redistribute wealth around the world. But the United Nations top human rights official called on the United States yesterday to provide the U.N. with full details of Osama’s killing to ensure that we complied with international law.

Does Obama have the guts to tell the UN to go screw itself? No … I mean that; literally. The United Nations has no standing whatsoever to demand any details of this raid from the United States.

The insipid United Nations can take its international law and shove it up their collective anti-American Anti-Semitic ass..

The United Nations is not one to talk when it comes to human rights abuses .. we are talking about an organization that put Sudan and Libya on its human rights council – and Syria will probably soon be added. Osama bin Laden is responsible for the murder of thousands of Americans and was the most wanted terrorist throughout the world. We found him and we took care of it. We even gave him a proper burial. Now what exactly is the problem here?