Saturday, October 30, 2004

And off we go

Well children it’s been far too long since we abandoned our verbal intercourse about all things Jaycees, football, politics, religion and the value of sniffing panties for a living. It was in March of 2003 that I first considered putting up a blog and terminated “Hack R Us” leaving you in a vacuum devoid of my wisdom, logic, and general overall good advice on everything that I deem important.

In the ensuing year and change, I have found myself with enough time once again to invite your silly self serving opinions to be viewed publicly in a new format in which we can argue and debate. And as always remember that I do this for entertainment value only as I fear that there can never be anything really accomplished by message boards. If someone gets motivated to do something for themselves or someone else as a result of some debate or discussion on this blog, then the blog has served a purpose other than just entertaining me.

I intend to link to articles that I deem important and I encourage you to alert me to those that you feel are important or provide evidence for whatever your point of view is. Let’s remember that opinions are not facts (except mine) and that if you declare something as fact then you should be prepared to defend it.

As with “Hacks R Us” there will be no censorship and no postings will be deleted for any reason. Make sure you are happy with your writings before you hit the send key.